AirMagic is presented as an application designed to apply Artificial Intelligence to photos taken from drones. Their goal is to make life easier for industry professionals bringing a solution that achieves good results in a single move.

They don’t want people spending hours editing content with expensive software and courses in order to improve something that can be achieved in much less time.

With the philosophy of  “drag and drop your images into the application and let technology do the work” AirMagic, from the Skylum company, sells the license for US$ 39 which includes a video presentation that shows the wonders this application provides.

On the one hand, they eliminate fog, which is usually seen as an enemy in aerial photos, since it can sometimes hide important details. This application can also highlighting the sky and provide more detail as well as enhancing colors by adjusting levels in midtones, highlights and shadows. It doesn’t really do anything that experienced users cant do with filters in Photoshop, or Gimp but they specialize in a type of photography that can be treated as “macro”. It is usually applied when there are problems with focus or poorly defined colors.

It can be used as a standalone application, enhancing many photos at the same time if we wish, but it is also offered as a Photos extension for Apple, Photoshop plugin and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. They do not want to compete with previous editors and offer an automatic system to save time.

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