Uali was recognized at Segovia by the city hall and by Telefonica. The OpenFuture program is underway and will give uys the possibility to continue developing technology in an innovative ecosystem.

The well known Newspaper “El Mundo” did not miss Uali’s great moment and conducted an interesting interview with our CMO, Diego Montesano, and we share it with all of you:

Source: Diaro Al Mundo.

Uali has autonomous air, land and water vehicles to predict events that may cause problems and future defects for customers which allows solutions to be established in advance.

Uali’s drones generate knowledge to anticipate problems. They monitor and fly over the industry with a clear objective: detect future defects long in advance in order to establish solutions in advance. The purpose of this preventive maintenance is so companys can focus on specific areas and dedicate the necesary resources to target these problems, making the operation more effective and efficient.

Currently Uali focuses on the energy industry where they transform «a key variable» for real time monitoring «in the search for constant optimization and significant cost savings» that it incurred. Not only do they provide practical solutions, but they integrate their own units scaling their technology, which results in «more agile proceeses and constant improvements» in the operation without having to depend on the scalability of third parties.

Through the new emerging technologies this team achieves «efficiency and effectiveness» in companies where a small defect determines very large amounts of money. «We target several points such as the speed of the information provided, cost savings and the contribution of accurate data that will generate the future database, making it possible to analyze upcoming events», explains Diego Montesano, CMO and co-founder of Uali.

Behind the magic of the process are drones equipped with artificial intelligence for both cloud and mochine processing, if the project allows real-time data delivery. «We integrate all the pieces so that the appropiate devices and technologies of IOT can collect information and transmit it. In case it is feasible and convenient to do it, we translate the information into a private blockchain for the accurate certification of the data and preventing its manipulation»

Montesano comments that this is a pioneer company in the industry, which provides «the most importante competitive advantage». In addition, they not only integrate their own solutions, but they also complement them with emerging technologies supported by first-rate companies. They also provide «a complete solution», which offers the client the possibility of completely delegating the proyect. Uali also counts with leading partners such as IBM, Microsoft and Intel, which provide «added value» to the Segovian startup

It warns that hundreds of millions of euros in spain are spent by a considerable amount of important corporations with the purpose of fixing infrastructure damage that could have been detected earlier, preventing a cease of operations (loss of profit) and eliminating posible fines depending on the damage. He gives an example a leak in an oil pipeline.

«Not only does the damage generate business oportunity loss, but the company might also be subjet to fines». That is where Uali comes in by providing «a relevant and unique service» where every second of an anomaly counts for several thousands of dollars.

This idea, as he remarks, was sneaked up by the industry. «It made us understand that there were specific needs that were not being covered. It was thjen when we went from developing drones with differential and extraordinary flight and autonomy capabilities to thinking about the total integration of this units in a service that addreses 100% of the problem», explains Diego Montesano, adding later that in that same moment the leaders of the company saw in Uali a possibility of service integration that places the segovian company alongside top-level partners on the national and international scenario.

They are pioneers due to their end to end service without any intermediaries, going back and foward or suprises. Their next steps are going to be to establish a foothold in Spain. «We have a lot to do and to offer in the local market, serving public and private entities. That is our objective for this year without neglecting, of course, the offer of services in Latin America where we already operate». This young company will also contribute its knowledge to various opportunities that have been generated in Southeast Asia. «Uali is a young company, but with extraordinary potential and in a market eager for its service. We have a lot to do at an organic level, without despairing, and with a focus on service and innovation, the pillars that brought us closer to success», he says.

The Segovia City Council in collaboration with Telefónica recognized Uali as one of the most innovative companies. For this reason they will be part of their coworking program at the creative center “La Cárcel”. Thanks to this support, Uali will hace technical, legal and strategic advisory to generate ideas and synergies with other companies in the area. A step forward to enlarge their client portfolio in which Repsol, YPF, Petrobras and Redes Eléctricas are already present.