The world of drones is flying higher and higher in our country and the Argentine Government launched a public consultation to update the regulations for the use of these vehicles in our country. Last tuesday the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) published a regulation which seeks to free the registration of devices for recreational use, leaving open the possibility for drones to make package delivery. This would make a revolution in the current delivery format and specially at Uali. This is a project that we follow closely along with relevant logistics operators that are already willing to test the technology.

The initiative will be open for 45 days for companies and individuals to make their objections and contributions. After that period, the body in charge of establishing aeronautical regulations will take the necessary time to publish the update of the regulations.

“The renewal of regulation comes with changes in the drone market. At first people thought that it was going to be recreational and now drones are replacing helicopters ” said Tomás Insausti in a press round in which the newspaper participated.

The initiative will keep the the use of drones in the near range of airports or in certain air corridors used by airplanes and helicopters banned. It is worth remembering that the current regulation for drones dates from mid-2015 and among other things, requires the registration of all devices regardless of their weight and use.
With this proposal, the Government seeks to make recreational activity more flexible and lay the foundations for future regulations in order of air routes for the package delivery. According to sources from the ANAC, this is stipulated for the future commercial growth of delivery by drones. In the United States, Amazon is already working on a pilot test to deliver packages with these devices.

What changes will be made with the new regulations?
For recreational use, a license will no longer be required in order to pilot drones up to 500 grams and it will not be necessary to register these ships with the ANAC.
In devices up to 5 kg, a license will not be required and with a web-based registration will be enough.
Air corridors will be created to open the door to the delivery of packages by drones.

The regulation for the commercial use of drones will be different since the ANAC provides for the registration of the aircraft, the pilot , aeronautical insurance and maintenance of the device. However, the novelty of the regulation is focused on the forecast of future air corridors for the delivery of packages.
The creation of a commission is planned together with the Argentine Air Navigation Company (EANA) and the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board (JIAC) to analyze the design of these corridors in urban areas. What would allow an order to the operation of logistical flights with drones.

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