Real Fábrica de Tapices was the stage for the #SmartCities presentation, an event organized by the world’s most important business accelerator, Plug and Play. In this traditional building located at spain’s capital city, many qualified enterpreneurs with proyection to build their businesses in european, asiatic and northamerican countries got together. The only latin american representation at the event was UALI.


UALI’s presentation to Banks and investors

#SmartCities has a clear dynamic, it brings together international Investors, Banks, prestigious Universities in Spain and the most innovative Startups in the world to present their ideas and generate key strategic alliances for their corporate development, answering to the demands of different areas in the industry.

The synergy was felt in the environment. The entrepreneurs had five minutes to impact their presentation and get the audience’s attention. Uali’s CEO, Ian Bogado, had the idea to break schemes, to be different -as UALI is for the industry- presenting his pitch in Spanish -when the dynamics were focused on English- and he achieved his goal: total attention.Uali was presented in a simple, concrete and efficient way. Thus, those present were witnesses of the solution that Uali means for the energy industries.

Finally, several of the most recognized companies in the sector such as Naturgy, Redes Eléctricas España and several possible strategic partners approached the stand to exchange opinions, concepts and learn about our service and understand why UALI is the future, today.

From UALI we want to congratulate all the Startups (Xapix, Vekia, Ubble, Bioo, Dexma, Toucan Toco, etc.) investors, banks, universities and above all the Plug and Play team and Banco Sabadell for inviting us to such a prestigious event.