On Wednesday, July 3, the Everis foundation held its annual awards event through which it supports and accompanies the most innovative local Start-ups in the country and where UALI was chosen among the 8 finalists in the contest after an arduous shortlist of 160 projects evaluated.

In a day of pure innovation that started very early in the morning in the Buenos Aires microcenter, the 8 finalists chosen by the Everis Foundation were presented where the subjects AI, Deep Learning, Robotics and Blockchain were the axes that took up the day with wonderful proposals raised by young Argentine entrepreneurs who astonished everyone with their projects after being chosen out of over 160 others submitted. Going through one by one and with a limit of only 10 minutes to elaborate and another 2 minutes for questions, each of those participant presented their ideas in front of a jury made up of specialists from different commercial and technological areas.

The finalist startups were the following:

Uali Drones: The first and only national water, air and land UAV developer company that focuses on the solution of productive problems in the energy industry.

Entelai: a company that uses artificial intelligence to favor and facilitate the work of doctors in the analysis of info.

Zippin: A Start Up that is proposed as a technological shipping solution that integrates multiple logistics operators.

Caecus Lab: a development that provides support and assistance in daily routes as well as detection and avoidance of obstacles to people with visual impairment through the use of mobile applications, web and other technologies.

KnowEat: a project that uses blockchain technology to certify data in the food production and distribution chain.

Dapi: a technology that allows an X-ray of the culture area to be obtained, providing a diagnosis on it.

Helper: es una red social de voluntarios capacitados para salvar vidas en caso de emergencia.

DeepAgro: un sistema de reconocimiento de malezas en video para fumigación inteligente.

The first prize, consisting of a trip to Spain to compete internationally, was taken by this last project after a very close contest.

At UALI we create and locally develop aquatic, aerial and land drones for industrial use suitable for the most extreme needs and with service and support in your language. Contact us!