Innovation, technology and advances in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Machine Learning, were the protagonists of three intense days of presentations, debates and networking in La Nave, Madrid.

In this new opportunity, Uali has generated a revolution in the field of energy, where representatives of the most important companies in the field in Spain such as Naturgy, Repsol, Endesa and Redes Eléctricas are continously having conversations to understand and work with our company to be able to innovate in the sector.


During these three days, not only corporations have been interested in knowing our service, it was also an opportunity to expand work related networks and understand how other technology startups are developing. In this way, networking has been, without a doubt, a success.

On the other hand, Uali’s team had the opportunity to be part of innovation talks, technological development and education, given by referents such as the CEO of Telefónica, José María Álvarez; the Minister of Education of Spain, Isabel Celaá; the VP of Huawei, Jaime Gonzalo; the Director of Repsol VC, Luis Casado Padilla, among other speakers from the private sector, government and universities. The objective of having these experiences is to continue with the work based on our identity and guided by responsible actions within the company.

Ian Bogado

This way, the management, Uali’s commercial and innovation team closes a fortnight of invitations to international events, networking and MVP with large Spanish clients. It is always important to thank our partners who bet on our solution, the most innovative in the energy industry. In this case, we thank Plug and Play -and its invitation to # SmartCities- and to Banco Sabadell and its Ventures and Startups division.

Andrés Halac with Banco Sabadell.


Uali vuela alto. Aprende. Procesa y genera soluciones. Nuestro equipo trabaja de esa manera, nuestros drones, también. Es por esto que no dudes en consultarnos por nuestro SaaS punto a punto, seguro podremos darte respuestas y datos en una industria que los necesita más que nunca. 

Uali learns, processes and generates solutions. Our team works that way, and so does our drones. That is why do not hesitate to as us about our end to end SaaS, we will surely be able to give you data and solutions in an industry where it is required more than ever.

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