The good news for Uali just keep coming. In addition to opening their new offices in europe, Uali was chosen in the New Energy Challengers event as one of the 10 most relevant startups of the Automation and AI business.

More than 200 companies attended the New Energy Challengers, a competition organized by the Energy Tech Summit which picks an only winner out of its 6 different categories. Uali participated in the process automation and AI category and got a top 10 spot with their innovative on edge cloud information analysis using AI with the data created by its own drones.


Automation & Artificial Intelligence category.


The Challlenge:


Now Uali will compete in the next few days to become the category leader in said competition and then go for the final price in early July. The shortlist for the Automation and AI companies is made up of:
Breeze Technologies: Artificial Intelligence Against Air Pollution
Laava Tech
LiveEO GmbH
Rated Power S.L.
Vertikal AI


It is also worth mentioning that Uali, a company created by Ian Bogado and Diego Montesano just 2 years ago, is not only the only Argentine company in the Challenge but also the only latin american finalist; which gives an even greater relevance to the achivement since its competes with companies already formed and established in countries such as Denmark, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, among others.

We make the future clear, now!


At Uali we implement aerial, terrestrial and aquatic drones for data capture and real time analysis using precise artificial intelligence algorithms that allow us to provide more and better quality information for decision-making. Lets get in Touch!