We are getting closer and closer to seeing commercial services of products being delivered by drones and gradually being integrated into our lives as an everyday thing.

Wing, the company in charge of product-delivery drones owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, born in Google X Labs, becomes the first company to receive FAA (United States Federal Aviation Administration) certification in the United States.

The company has emitted a statement pointing out that the certification opens doors to offer a service that ships products that belong to local businesses into homes in the United States.

One step closer to making commercial drone shipping a reality

Regarding this, it points out the benefits that this type of service would bring to companies, workers and families by reducing delivery times. On the ecological point of view, drones are fully electric and by doing deliveries, traffic will be  reduced and also pollution and carbon emissions.

This iniciative is also willing to develop a six year plan in order to produce a small and light-weighted drone with a navigation system that could deliver small packages in a matter of minutes.

It also points out that their drones have tested more than 70,000 flights and more than 3,000 deliveries to homes, entrances and backyards of its clients in Australia, asuring that the deliveries have minor risks in the transportation of packages than trips made by car.

This company expects to begin its testing plan at the end of the year in the areas of Blackburg and Christiansburg, so they will be contacting companies and representatives of the communities of the mentioned areas to get everything ready for the operations.

Source: https://wwwhatsnew.com/2019/04/23/wing-de-alphabet-obtiene-primera-certificacion-para-la-entrega-de-productos-con-drones/