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Modern and Elegant

Modern and Elegant

Its exquisite design and style, breaking the generic patterns of this type of unit, makes it a unique and different product from its packaging to its final conception, also combining a range of colors completely different from what you can see in the market.

Uali aerial drones transmit the most beautiful of an artistic production in a technological product of the highest performance.

Super Stable

Super Stable

The advanced and modern carbon fiber design makes Uali's aerial drone units the most powerful system available in the region. Its shape and symmetry generate an aesthetic rarely seen, being able to withstand wind, sand and rain.

Extremely Powerful

Extremely Powerful

Each UALI arerial unit has 6 powerful motors that ensure enough power to achieve any mission with 100 KV of pure force. In addition to its aluminum coating of the best quality with high-density carbon fiber propellers. We gain power in each flight.



UALI was designed to never fail. Not even when the conditions are against the odds being his build thought and designed to work in any extreme environment. Neither the mountains nor the deserts make it break a sweat.

Graphene + technology allows you to provide more energy and mobility to face any challenge.


Uali es capaz de tomar decisiones y razonar, lo que les permite funcionar dentro de un entorno complejo. Al aprender pueden tomar decisiones para apoyar la función y el rendimiento óptimos. Integramos una red neuronal en nuestra controladora de vuelo permitiendo la gestión de datos del drone para recopilar datos no estructurados y desbloquear su valor con análisis predictivo.

The drones are capable of decision making and reasoning, allowing them to function within a complex environment. As they learn, they can make decisions to support optimal function and performance. We integrate a neural network into our flight controller allowing drone data management to collect unstructured data and unlock its value with predictive analytics.

  • Graphene Battery +

    Graphene batteries have a much faster charge rate and vastly higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries can ever offer. Increased flight by 8 times and loading speed by 9 times.

  • Power Dock

    Uali charging technology incorporates all the positive aspects of cable charging and the flexibility of induction systems. The Power Dock is UALI's first Drone Charging Station designed for outdoor deployments. The system derives its design and robustness from the technology used to power public rail transport. It works under the rain, transfers high currents and in record time.

  • Logically Intelligent

    Its operating system was designed to grow over time, learning and adding new concepts. It is an open system based on a simple unit control platform and also leaving open parameters for Uali to incorporate artificial intelligence like no other drone. It is not like any other dron, UALI always learns.

Tether System

Experience freedom like never before by removing the biggest barrier known for UAVs, flight time.

3x more permanent flight time.



Unlimited Power

Our permanent flight power supply Tether system enables UALI aerial drones to perform long-duration missions with operations of up to 24 hours.

75% longer battery life.



Feel Free

You will open the doors to a new world with our exceptionally useful unlimited cargo aerial drones for missions such as crowd management, traffic control, surveying and much more. Less problems, more time for you.


  • Infrastructure Control

    From a strictly construction point of view, the use of drones allows better monitoring of operatons both from a follow up and inspection point of view over the operating area as well as their logistics or suitability of safety and hygiene measures at work.

    UALI drones offer enormous potential for the execution of 3D tasks,"dangerous, dirty and dull" and have become an all-terrain eye of urban planning when it comes to follow up your projects.

  • Ambiental Control

    The exploitation of the information collected by thermal, multispectral sensors, allows the application of remote sensing techniques that assist operators allowing to be warned about certain conditions when they are not yet appreciable in the visible spectrum with the objective to take more effective preventive measures.

  • Monitoring of electrical networks

    The inspection of power lines is a task that is carried out on foot, in which all power lines elements are visually inspected, requiring forthe personnel to climb on the supports which can be a really dangerous task. Although this operation is carried out in safe conditions, the use of UALI drones prevents the risk of falls associated with working at height, and reduces the inspection time and also makes it possible to obtain images from different points of view.